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Posted By Sim@CanDevs

CanDevs was unavailable for a few hours on the afternoon of January 12, 2015. This was due to the site having reached its monthly bandwidth limit (ie too many visitors). This has now been worked out with the site's domain host, so this type of problem should not occur going forward.

On another note, there is a backlog of additions/corrections to be made, and email to reply to, so your patience in much appreciated!


Posted By Sim@CanDevs

CanDevs has been on a summer hiatus. Updates to the site are coming soon.


Posted By Sim@CanDevs

There have been at least 25 company updates made on CanDevs over the past few days. The majority of new companies have been added to the Unsorted Companies page. Other changes include address corrections and service updates for existing entries.

Many thanks also go to site visitors who keep me abreast of new companies and of inactive ones.


Posted By Sim@CanDevs

I'm finally making some decent progress with updating CanDevs. Additionally I had to wait almost 2 weeks to be hooked up to a new ISP. But that switch was definitely worth the wait.

Anyway, I've gotten through most of the email I've received up until last month. So if you've sent requests for site updates, please be patient, it's in the queue.

Another change I decided to make is that I will no longer delete listings of companies that don't exist anymore. Be it that the company is out of business, or they operate under a new name, the listing will stay (with hyperlinks removed) but will be marked as Inactive. The reason I still want to list inactive companies is to keep a sort of record or archive of companies and names that used to exist. In my opinion they are still relevant contributors to the Canadian game development industry.


Posted By Sim@CanDevs

There has been a lack of updates on CanDevs for the last month or so. Unfortunately I've been busy with other projects, and this has taken time away from me working on the site. My apologies to all those that have emailed me requesting corrections and additions - you are not being ignored. I will make the required changes as soon as I can.

Another thing I've been thinking about is trying to monetize the site a little more. I've been using Google Ads for a while, but was considering including additional banner ads here and there as a way to possibly offset rising hosting costs. Nothing garish, just subtle ads.

In any case, back to work!




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