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Posted By Sim@CanDevs was recently offline. This was due to the site having reached its monthly bandwidth limit. As the popularity of the site increases, so does the need for it to be able to handle increased visitor traffic.

So I've upgraded the bandwidth quota with the web host. This will allow the site to handle current and increasing traffic levels for the time being. It's not a huge out of pocket expense as long as the site keeps being useful to visitors.


Posted By Sim@CanDevs

Here are a couple of quick updates.

Woolly Mammoth productions is now Mammoth Interactive. Mammoth Interactive is based in Toronto and makes iOS and Xbox games, as well as providing audio solutions for games. Thanks to John from Mammoth for the news.

RocketOwl is a new tech start-up and is located in Ottawa. RocketOwl develops, publishes and distributes games for online social networks. Their upcoming games will be available on Facebook, Android and Apple’s iOS platforms. Thanks for the update go to Victoria, a communications and marketing intern at RocketOwl.


Posted By Sim@CanDevs

I've been updating company listings, and in doing so I've come across some dead URLs. I don't generally delete dead links on the fly in case a site is having technical problems, or a company is in a transition period and have temporarily taken their web site offline.

However, below are a few companies I know are no longer active:

GlobalStar Software (Mississauga, ON) - software publisher; first sold to Take two Interactive and now part of 2K Games.

Groove Games (Toronto, ON) - software publisher; closed shop.

Ideazon (Vaughan, ON) - gaming peripheral maker; sold to Steelseries.

For the most part, when I know a company no longer exists I just delete the link. But I figured it was time to make a new blog post anyway.


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Owen from Streaming Colour Studios has notified me that their office has moved cities. They have relocated from Toronto to Guelph, Ontario.

Streaming Colour Studios entry on CanDevs

I worked at the University of Guelph for a couple of years and really like the community. Wishing continued success to Owen and Streaming Colour Studios at their new locale.


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A few changes have been made to CanDevs. These changes should make it easier for me to get the site itself updated, as well as to make visitors more aware of posted news.

One change is that the blog has moved, so new postings will appear on the local domain rather than on Wordpress.

The other changes are that CanDevs news can now be followed on Facebook and Twitter, as well as RSS feeds:

CanDevs on Facebook

CanDevs on RSS

CanDevs on Twitter

The links to the above feeds can also be found on the CanDevs home page. Email notifications and RSS feeds previously provided by Feedburner are still active.

Thanks for your patience!




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