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Toronto is currently in the midst of a mayoral race, culminating on October 25, 2010. So in the spirit of helping spread the word to voters, One Stop Media has created a web based game called Mayor Munch.

Mayor Munch is a pac-man style game where users can choose to play any of the top 5 mayoral candidates. It's meant as a fun way to raise awareness of the coming municipal elections.

As a bonus, players get a chance to win a 50 inch HDTV.


Posted By Sim@CanDevs

The following update incidentally consists of only Ontario based companies:

Thanks to John for letting me know about his company, Woolly Mammoth Productions. Woolly Mammoth Productions is an independent development studio located in Toronto. The most recent release in its arsenal is Circa, an Xbox Live Arcade game. Circa is a fun cross between Geometry Wars and Rock Band.

Woolly Mammoth Productions


Out of Ottawa comes HeadGames, a division of bitHeads. HeadGames is in the business of helping other game studios bring their products to market. They provide full service support including artists, programmers, and writers.



Studio13 is another Toronto based company and it provides creative and technical audio production services to video game and broadcast industry clients.

Studio 13


568 Network is a developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products. Their corporate head office is located in Toronto.

568 Network





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