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There have been at least 25 company updates made on CanDevs over the past few days. The majority of new companies have been added to the Unsorted Companies page. Other changes include address corrections and service updates for existing entries.

Many thanks also go to site visitors who keep me abreast of new companies and of inactive ones.


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There is now a new page on CanDevs named Unsorted Companies. This page contains companies that have not been categorized yet into the proper provincial pages for various reasons. Additionally, it's a way for me to quickly add some of the dozens of companies I have backlogged. Then in time, when possible the companies will be sorted properly. The link to this page can be found in the province menu on the main pages.


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Calgary Game Developers Forums is a place where independent and professional game devs can exchange ideas, post jobs, show work, collaborate and get to know what's going on in Calgary and the surrounding area for video game design.

If you are a programmer, artist, 3d modeller, composer or anyone will skills valuable to game design please visit



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Orphic Media is a leading service provider for gaming and interactive entertainment companies. Projects they have worked on include Lego Universe and Marvel Super Hero Squad. Orphic is located in Vancouver.

Sonic Solutions is a sound design and implementation company run by Vance Dylan. Located in Berwick, Nova Scotia, Vance has done work for both the music and games industries.

Hard Circle is a casual games company located in Hamilton, Ontario. Their games include Phantom Slash, and Pee Wee & The Lost Scrolls.


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PixelNAUTS is a game development and art outsourcing studio located in St. Catharines, Ontario. They have done work on Contrast, Waveform, and Raccoon Rising. Thanks to Alex from PixelNAUTS for the update.

Visual Sports Systems develops interactive sports simulators. Their simulations include sports such as hockey, soccer, and golf. VSS is located in Concord, Ontario.

Playbrains is a game development studio that specializes in digitally-distributed games. Located in Ottawa, they develop for console, PC, and mobile devices.

Sylien Games is a social games developer that has developed over 130 web games and have ported many of those to mobile devices. Sylien is also located in Ottawa.




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