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With the unfortunate closing of game incubator Fortune Cat Games Studio, it would seem like the future of games development in Manitoba looks grim. Thankfully this is not the case. Below are a couple of Manitoban developers solidly applying their trade.

Ludicrous Software was founded by developer Darren Osadchuk. Based in Winnipeg, Ludicrous is focused on creating iOS and Android games for the mobile market. Their games library includes Super Poker Solitaire and Knight's Puzzle.

Stunt Software is another company based in Winnipeg. Developing for both Mac and iPhone, their game 4 in a Row is currently available on iTunes.


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This entry consists of indie game developers. In general, the indie game development community is close, and many developers know each other on a personal level, thus get to collaborate on projects. Their anti-corporate position allows them to be more creative, and free to steer development as they see fit.

ChevyRay belongs to indie developer Chevy Ray Johnston. Located in Vancouver, he's managed to release several games including Return of the Quack and Skullpogo.

Infinite Ammo is the site of Winnipeg-based Alec Holowka, a game designer, programmer and composer. He's currently working on a game called Marian, and has released Paper Moon and Aquaria.

Matt Makes Games comes from Edmonton and is run by Matt Thorson. He has developed over a dozen games, with Give Up Robot 2 and RunMan to his credit.


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Veil Entertainment is a Toronto-based independent developer of interactive, entertainment software.

They specialize in web-based, massively-multiplayer online games. Their first original title is Rise & Ruin, a free-to-play, 3D battle, multiplayer trading card game.

Veil Entertainment


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I've been updating company listings, and in doing so I've come across some dead URLs. I don't generally delete dead links on the fly in case a site is having technical problems, or a company is in a transition period and have temporarily taken their web site offline.

However, below are a few companies I know are no longer active:

GlobalStar Software (Mississauga, ON) - software publisher; first sold to Take two Interactive and now part of 2K Games.

Groove Games (Toronto, ON) - software publisher; closed shop.

Ideazon (Vaughan, ON) - gaming peripheral maker; sold to Steelseries.

For the most part, when I know a company no longer exists I just delete the link. But I figured it was time to make a new blog post anyway.


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The latest update to the company listings is TooMuchVoltage Software, a video games design studio located in Toronto. Recently founded, TooMuchVoltage's current focus is to develop games for computer and console systems. 

Additionally, they have just released a tech demo of their high end 3D games engine called HighOmega. Screenshots and the engine itself can be downloaded off their site.

Thanks to Baktash, founder of TooMuchVoltage for updating me about his ambitious company!





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