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The next Rock Band Video Game Jam Session is to be held on April 3, 2010 at Toronto's Rockie Raccoons bar.

The Jam Session is a free monthy event  presented by, in which participants of any experience level can play Rock Band in a karaoke style setting.

For complete information hit the link.


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By pre-ordering Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming Xbox360 game Splinter Cell: Conviction, consumers get a chance to compete in real world challenges for prizes.

Sponsored by EB Games/Gamestop, Microsoft, and Ubisoft, the contest is open to Canadian residents only. Contestants must officially submit an entry form in order to be eligible.

Forty participants will be randomly chosen on March 18th, 2010. These winners (plus a guest) get an expenses paid trip to Toronto for the March 27, 2010 challenge. At the event teams will compete in pure skill challenges inspired by the Splinter Cell: Conviction video game. The grand prize is a trip to Ubisoft head office in Montreal.

Go to contest page here


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Montreal company North Side is a developer of intelligent conversation games and software. Their goal is to revolutionize gameplay through immersive natural language man-machine conversations. They are currently working on Bot Colony, the first game to use their technology.

Thanks to Eugene from North Side for the informative links.

North Side entry on CanDevs


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My apologies to Jakub from Red Piston for not posting this update sooner.

Red Piston out of Windsor, Ontario is a company that develops innovative applications and games for the iPhone and iPod Touch. They also work on developing web sites, animation, and video production.

Red Piston entry on CanDevs


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trapdoor is an independent video games developer located in the Quartier des Spectacles in downtown Montreal.


trapdoor has developed several games for iPhone (Young Villain Academy, Guardian Rock, G.I. Joyride) and is currently working on a new title for console and PC.

trapdoor entry on CanDevs





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