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CanDevs was unavailable for a few hours on the afternoon of January 12, 2015. This was due to the site having reached its monthly bandwidth limit (ie too many visitors). This has now been worked out with the site's domain host, so this type of problem should not occur going forward.

On another note, there is a backlog of additions/corrections to be made, and email to reply to, so your patience in much appreciated!


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Bacon the Circus Pig is a new free iOS game by Toronto based indie developer Super Bert Bros. Help Bacon jump hoops at his new job at the circus! Check out the video below for some gameplay action.

The free game is available at the App Store.


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Battle Mines is a free empire building MMO by Red Asteroid Games, an indie developer from Vancouver. The game is set is a post apocalyptic world where players build cities, vote, engage in trade, espionage, and more. The video below is the official Battle Mines trailer.

The free game is available at the Battle Mines site.


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CanDevs has been on a summer hiatus. Updates to the site are coming soon.


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If there was one game that could show it could still keep up with the next generation of consoles despite being on an older platform it has to be Grand Theft Auto Five. The game was a smash success last year and continues to this day to sell thousands of copies, it has broken many records for selling the most copies in media history and with a thriving online community of many people continue to play it months after release. There are however some people who feel like the online gameplay has gotten a little stale recently though as not many updates have come out but according to rumours this will soon change as there are probably many different planned DLC packs to come out.

One of the most exciting of course was the leak about casino gameplay coming to Grand Theft Auto Five and the fact that you would be able to play many different casino games with your friends online, games similar to those that you can download here. There is already a casino within Grand Theft Auto however at the moment if you visit it has an opening soon sign on the outside which to some people is yet more confirmation that the casino will one day open for the hordes of players to enjoy.

This however will not satisfy everybody as a simple gameplay look like a casino does not even come close to comparing to the likes of old DLC for Grand Theft Auto Four with add-ons such as The Lost and Damned. This is because these DLC packages are full pieces of story with new characters and interesting twists for you to enjoy as you play an already solid game. Nobody knows what the future will hold for Grand Theft Auto apart from Rockstar and they are keeping tight-lipped about it but you can be sure it will be a good time for all.





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