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The Canadian Interactive Industry Profile 2012 (CIIP), which provides an in-depth look at the interactive digital media (IDM) industry in Canada, was released during Interactive Ontario’s X-Summit programming at nextMEDIA.

This report follows two previous editions of the Canadian Interactive Industry Profiles released in 2006 and 2008 but proposes a revised methodology that includes a more narrowed definition of the digital media industry to provide more of a focus on companies creating true “rich interactive experiences” (in terms of content creation) and those that supply services that directly enable other firms to create those experiences.

Covering all Canadian regions and comprising data collected from big, medium and small companies through a national survey, this report provides an extensive view of Canada`s IDM industry. In addition to the key economic indicators found in the first chapter, this study also includes a chapter on human resources, training and skill gaps that can currently be observed in the IDM sector. Finally, the report provides a future outlook for Canada’s IDM industry.

Interactive digital media companies in Canada appear to be poised for growth in the year or two following the report. Just over 80% of companies project at least 10% growth in revenue over the following 12-24 months and more than half (56%) project revenue growth of 25% or more over the same period. At the same time, there are a number of barriers that could hinder future growth. Core IDM companies in Canada indicated that a seeming lack of affordable capital is the most significant limiting factor for company growth in the industry, followed by the availability of management and sales expertise and the availability of skilled labour in general.

Key findings from the report: 

  • Canadian IDM companies employed 26,700 full-time equivalents (FTE)  
  • Almost 57% of revenues generated in 2011 were directly related to export sales.
  • Canada`s interactive digital media industry is concentrated in Ontario, British Columbia and Québec. 
  • From 2008 to 2011, the total revenues generated by the industry grew by a yearly average rate of 17%  
  • $3.8 billion in total gross annual revenue was generated by these companies, with$2.5 billion directly attributed to IDM production  
  • Games products produced the largest amount of revenue for core IDM companies in Canada (about 43% of total revenues for 2011)
  • Mobile devices were the most targeted platform, with 75% of companies creating core IDM products for mobile platforms

The CIIP was commissioned by the CIAIC and created by Nordicity, with funding from the Cultural Human Resources Council, Canada Media Fund (CMF), Canadian Heritage, and the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC).

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GlitchSoft is a leading studio for hit video game content that targets mid-core game players on mobile devices. We are passionate about video games and are looking for talented individuals who are looking to make a difference in the mobile games industry.

Gameplay/Level Designer
GlitchSoft is seeking an innovative and imaginative individual to help develop and create content for upcoming sides-croller projects. The posting will focus primary on level production but will also touch on other aspects of game design. If you have the knack and ambition to create first-in-class, mobile, side-scrollers, we are looking for you!

Primary Responsibilities:
- All aspects of level design including blocking, scripted events, tuning and balancing.
- Use in-house tools and work flow to integrate audio and visual content into engine.
- Creating design collateral and documentation that explain and visualizes mechanics and game features.
- Assess and balance gameplay through focus tests, usability testing and in-house play-testing.
- Maintain game design documentation.
- Work with gameplay programmers and artists to provide and facilitate detailed design of features.
- Implement scripted content for levels and cutscenes.
- Help define feature and enhancements for Helios, our in-house toolset and workflow.

Must Have Requirements:
- University Degree or equivalent in computer science, multimedia, computer graphics or game design.
- Strong understanding of pacing, difficulty and what makes a great game.
- Experience with existing game creation tools including level editors or game engines (for example, GameMaker, Flash, Unreal, Hammer, Radiant).
- Strong knowledge of scripting languages (Lua, Python or equivalent).
- Great understanding and passion of Platformer, side-scroller, Hack-n-Slash game-play.
- At least one commercially shipped title under your belt.
- Ability to work under pressure with a strong team based work ethic.
- Must be able to work on-site from our Ottawa office.

Bonus Skills and Experience:
- A portfolio with completed maps, playable levels and design samples.
- Basic traditional art skills including sketching.
- Experience with Photoshop.
- Working understanding of mobile game sensibilities, in-game economies and monetization techniques of both Freemium and Paymium games.

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Canadian Software 100 is a website that ranks the top 100 Canadian software companies in order by revenue. In their search to list the top companies, they want to make sure that Canadian game companies are included. In addition to being ranked, the site looks to promote and highlight the companies that make their list.

For full details and to include your company on the list, visit the site.


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Algoma Games for Health is a game development studio in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario that creates video games for healthcare and education.

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Calgary Game Developers Forums is a place where independent and professional game devs can exchange ideas, post jobs, show work, collaborate and get to know what's going on in Calgary and the surrounding area for video game design.

If you are a programmer, artist, 3d modeller, composer or anyone will skills valuable to game design please visit





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