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Alpha Wave is a fun shooter in the vein of arcade classics like Asteroids and Galaga. Developed by Ottawa based indie Hardline Studios, Alpha Wave features polished graphics and fast addictive gameplay. Below is an enticing sampling of the game:

Alpha Wave has been developed for virtually all mobile platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Bada, and Windows Phone.

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To my knowledge, the Dollarama chain of dollar stores is the largest in Canada. They have the best quality items, and the biggest selection. Some years ago I was lucky to find one Dollarama carrying Star Wars action figures. They were brand new and in mint condition, so I grabbed over a dozen for $1 a piece.

A few months back I noticed that Dollarama started selling video games. They have brand new, but older PC, Playstation, and I think Xbox games. Most are casual games, or ones geared towards younger children. But the other day I found Supreme Ruler 2020 for $2. This game is an RTS developed by Battlegoat Studios out of Ancaster, Ontario. I think it was a good find, so I will keep an eye out for other interesting games.


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Toronto, ON - INplay announced the five successful kids interactive projects that will be showcased at the upcoming INplay Conference; the unique, international event that connects kids creative industries with insights and opportunities in the interactive space. INplay is taking place at the Liberty Grand in Toronto on May 17 & 18.

INplay has partnered with the Canada Media Fund (CMF) to create an exclusive opportunity to showcase Canadian interactive projects. The Canadian Interactive Showcase presented by CMF will provide Canadian companies with a chance to share their interactive project, product or service with an audience of investors, potential partners and peers. The following five projects will be presented to the INplay audience at the conference on May 18, hosted by Mike Wise, Anchor: CBC News Toronto, and Host, iDesk.

PO-MO Inc. - Meghan Athavale, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Project: Customizable projection software
PO-MOtion is a free, customizable motion-reactive projection software that can be installed on any computer. The software can be used with any projector or large display (including TVs) and any kind of web camera. The software allows childhood educators and special needs educators to install their own motion reactive floors and walls.

Soma Creates - Josh Heidebrecht, Calgary, Alberta
Project: OLIVIA Paints iPhone app
Soma Creates will showcase two iPhone Kids games. Paint like never before by mixing colours together in OLIVIA Paints, make your very own fruit smoothie with none other than Strawberry Shortcake, and catch a glimpse into their next upcoming project.

Tactica Interactive - Kevin Glasier, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Project:  Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games for the iPhone
Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games is an innovative iPhone/iPod app that helps children improve speaking clarity and confidence. Voice-controlled games give children a fun and engaging way to master 23 core phonetic sounds. The product was developed and tested in direct consultation with speech and language pathologists.

Kidobi - Eric Sorenson, Toronto, Ontario
Project: Kidobi
Kidobi is a revolutionary technology that creates personalized programming blocks for preschool children, helping them get the most out of their media. Extensive parental controls and reporting tools give parents peace of mind, while our subscription-based business model helps content partners generate new revenue streams.

Pixton Comics Inc. - Clive Goodinson, Parksville, BC
Project: Pixton Click-n-Drag Comics
Pixton introduces the world to Click-n-Drag Comics, a revolutionary new patent-pending technology that gives anyone the power to create comics on the web.From fully posable characters to dynamic panels, props, and speech bubbles, every aspect of a comic can be controlled in an intuitive click-n-drag motion. Pixton Comics was named a "leading Web 2.0 pioneer" and "one of the 20 companies driving innovation and changing the way we use the Internet" by Backbone Magazine / KPMG.

For full details visit INplay 2011.

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Toronto is currently in the midst of a mayoral race, culminating on October 25, 2010. So in the spirit of helping spread the word to voters, One Stop Media has created a web based game called Mayor Munch.

Mayor Munch is a pac-man style game where users can choose to play any of the top 5 mayoral candidates. It's meant as a fun way to raise awareness of the coming municipal elections.

As a bonus, players get a chance to win a 50 inch HDTV.


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To many, the Canadian school system does not do a great job in teaching students about Canadian history. The history of Canada is rich in its list of characters and events, and they deserve to be recognized and celebrated. So a few years ago, the Centre for the Study of Democracy, in partnership with Toronto game developer Bitcasters, set out to create the History Game Canada video game. Their aim is to reach out and teach Canadian history in a fun and interactive way.

Based on Civilization III, History Game Canada is a turn-based strategy game. It allows players to select a peoples (including the French, English, Mohawk, Ojibwe, and several others) and rewrite history in the New France Period (1525 - 1763). Players have choices like exploration, trade, diplomacy, and conquest as they lead their civilization.

To download the free, standalone game, visit History Game Canada.




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