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Here's a much delayed update. Now that I've gotten some things out of the way (including the FIFA World Cup), I hope to make more regular updates to the site.

From Winnipeg comes CubeForce Media. They are an independent game production studio specializing in MMORPG development. Their list of projects includes Aerrevan and The Legend of Dekkane. is non-profit mental health engagement program that utilizes interactive games. Its roots are in London, Ontario's mental health services. Examples of the online games and tools used in the program can be found on their web site.

Located in Ottawa, Snowed In Studios is a custom software solutions provider specializing in games and interactive media. The studio is run by industry veterans from Ubisoft Montreal and EA Vancouver.

Zensoft Studios is a collective of interactive media and game companies. Zensoft is involved in a wide variety of areas including providing production services, and games development. The studios are located in Calgary.

Thanks to the following for the information about their companies: Neil (CubeForce), Brian (mindyourmind), Matt (Snowed In), and Bruno (Zensoft).


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