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The following update comes courtesy of Andrew, Business Development Manager of Source Studio. Incidentally, all these companies are located in Newfoundland. It's nice to know that the province of Newfoundland & Labrador is emerging with good talent.

Binary Dawn Interactive is an emerging indie game development company focused on the mobile entertainment market. They have developed Through To Iota for the iPhone, and are working to release WordUs2.

Binary Dawn

Celsius Game Studios is essentially a one-man operation. Their first game Cyclotron is available on the Apple App Store, and have Red Nova in development.

Celsius Game Studios

Source Studio is a team of developers that founded the company while studying at Memorial University. Their first game ProtoGalaxy is a space shooter that incorporates multi-player and puzzle solving gameplay.

Source Studio

Happy Halloween!


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Arpix Media handles both music licensing and composer management for film, television, and video games.

They are located in Toronto, and a recent game project they were involved with is the Dracula interactive ebook for iPad.

Arpix Media (with developers in BC and Manitoba) is a freelance software developer specializing in video game related projects.

Their portfolio includes several flash games and video game related websites.

Thanks to Kyle from Arpix Media, and Nathaniel from for the additions.


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The following information was gathered from the Vortex web site: 

Vortex is a unique professional development opportunity for emerging entrepreneurs in  the videogame industry. Come and meet North America’s industry leaders, decision makers, financial advisers and the mentors you need to succeed.

The Vortex Conference and Competition is the only place in Canada where emerging game designers and developers can present their concepts to an outstanding line up of international industry honchos, financiers and venture capitalists in the hope of winning the competition and along the way getting their creation to market.

Go to for full details.





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