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Gambling Zombies is an online flash game that teaches young players about the dangers of gambling addiction, but in a fun and informative way.

It's a collaborative effort between London, Ontario-based organizations Addiction Services Thames Valley - Problem Gambling Services, and mindyourmind.

Gambling Zombies was developed by mindyourmind's Kyle Nau, a former colleague of mine.

More mindyourmind games can be played here.


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Games Cafe is a casual games web portal. They feature online and downloadable games that visitors can play for free.

 Games Cafe

In addition to also developing their own games, Calgary-based Games Cafe helps external developers publish games.

Games Cafe entry on CanDevs


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Ware-Wolf Games is a small company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their main focus is developing casual games and 3D software.

Ware-Wolf Games

Ware-Wolf Games entry on CanDevs


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Zap Dramatic is an interactive media company that designs and produces serious games and dramatic simulations to entertain, educate and influence opinions.

Zap Dramatic

Zap is located in Toronto, and also provides interactive services to organizations wanting to develop online learning applications with an emphasis on negotiation, relationship and ethical practices.

Zap Dramatic entry on CanDevs


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Young Rival is a rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. As a unusual promotional piece, they decided to make their own flash-based video game. The game allows you to play as any of the four band members, and use a guitar to fish for points. Featuring their own music for the soundtrack, it's a modernly social way to generate interest in the band.

Check out the game here.




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