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Posted By Sim@CanDevs

Owen from Streaming Colour Studios has notified me that their office has moved cities. They have relocated from Toronto to Guelph, Ontario.

Streaming Colour Studios entry on CanDevs

I worked at the University of Guelph for a couple of years and really like the community. Wishing continued success to Owen and Streaming Colour Studios at their new locale.


Posted By Sim@CanDevs

Tall Tree Games is a casual/social online game development company. Based in London, Ontario with an office in Toronto, they are a top-ranked Facebook application developer. With over 50 applications/games released and a combined install base of over 50 million, Tall Tree Games' casual/social games, most notably Fish World and Garden World (both on Facebook) are played by over 2.5 million people per day.

Tall Tree Games

Tall Tree Games entry on CanDevs

Thanks to Kimberley from Tall Tree Games for the info. Kimberley also mentions that Tall Tree Games is currently hiring.


Posted By Sim@CanDevs

A few changes have been made to CanDevs. These changes should make it easier for me to get the site itself updated, as well as to make visitors more aware of posted news.

One change is that the blog has moved, so new postings will appear on the local domain rather than on Wordpress.

The other changes are that CanDevs news can now be followed on Facebook and Twitter, as well as RSS feeds:

CanDevs on Facebook

CanDevs on RSS

CanDevs on Twitter

The links to the above feeds can also be found on the CanDevs home page. Email notifications and RSS feeds previously provided by Feedburner are still active.

Thanks for your patience!




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